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We receive a large volume of publication inquiries.  Please respect our time so we can better serve our authors, distributors, and clients. The best way to get in touch with us for publication matters is to mail us.

Manuscript submission information is available here.

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Tel. (800) 888-4741 - this is our US/Canada distributor's number - IPG Book (Chicago, IL). This is not the DNA Press telephone. You can order by calling this 800 number. To contact DNA Press just email us at editors@dnapress.com.

FAX for orders: (312) 337-5985 - this is the order Fax number of our distributor IPG Book.

Mailing Address for manuscript submission and business matters with DNA Press and Nartea Publishing:

Nartea Publishing Editors

P.O. Box 9311
Glendale, CA  91226-0311




 We do not have a fax - this a technology of the last century. Please scan your document and email to editors@dnapress.com.      


For urgent publishing matters call Director of Production at 1.818.281.7605 (Los Angeles, California). Printing companies only please.

Agents may call 267-760-4667. We really apologize to all authors but we can not take calls from you due to a very high volume of inquiries. Just let us read your proposals. Thank you so much!!! Respectfully, the DNA Press Team

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